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Bjorn Heidenstrom Reaches South Africa

After 335 days on the road, cycling from Oslo in Norway, via Ronda, and to Johannesburg in South Africa, Bjorn Heidenstrom, the crazy Norwegian cyclist has finally had his dream come true, seeing all of the football shirts he collected turned into a giant flag which will be flown at the opening game of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Bjorn arrived in South Africa from Botswana on May 20th 2010, and made his way to Johannesburg, arriving yesterday just in time for the official opening of the biggest of the new stadiums being built to host the World Cup, and only moments before South Africa’s President Zuma arrived to inspect stadium, and sign Bjorn’s flag.

The Shirt 2010 is a massive yet solo project to raise awareness for the world’s many millions of refugees, over 45 million according to United Nations estimates, people who have been forced out of the homes by war, famine, and natural disasters, but are sadly forgotten.

While he was in Ronda, Bjorn was keen to stress that his project is not about a European footballer having a good time, Bjorn proudly wore a UNHCR cap and emphasised that his mission isn’t to raise funds, his goal was simply to make people think about the world’s refugees, and then to tell their friends about these people, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, just like us, but who are forced to live without security, and perhaps without clean water or shelter.

Known during his footballing days as ‘Heiden’, Bjorn passed through Ronda in late November 2009 and was greeted by the councillor for sport, Carlos Mirasol, and the children’s football league UD Ronda. Bjorn was presented with a CD Ronda and UD Ronda shirt, both of which have now been included in the world record breaking shirt (pictured above).

It is not too late to support Bjorn, he will be raising awareness for refugees throughout the FIFA World Cup, you can read more about his travels on the official ‘The Shirt 2010‘ website, or if you have a football shirt you’d like to donate to Bjorn’s campaign, please contact Ronda Today and we’ll make sure it gets to Bjorn.

Ronda Cycling about to See Major Improvements

Fantastic news for residents and tourists in Ronda, our fair city will soon have 70 rental bicycles available at four convenient points around the city to make Ronda cycling a reality.

Ronda joins the University of Málaga, Málaga city, Antequera, and also soon Velez-Málaga as being the only areas in Málaga province with bikes for hire. Programs such as these are already very successful in London, Paris, Sevilla and other major cities, and given the great enthusiasm towards cycling in Ronda, it seems fitting that Ronda should also have bicycles for hire.

Conceived by the Andalucían Energy Agency, a department of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Enterprise in association with the Ronda’s Delegation for Innovation, the scheme will cost 110,000€ and will see bike pickup points distributed around four locations in Ronda.

Initial expectations are that points will be located near Plaza de Espana, the railway station or above the carpark on Avenida Martinez Astein, at the end of Avenida de Málaga, and possibly in the Barrio de San Francisco.

Pilar Serrano, head of the Andalucían Energy Agency told Ronda Today the program is innovative and will see emissions improvements of 103 tonnes of CO2 not released into the atmosphere, equivalent to 39 cars less on Ronda’s roads annually.

A dedicated support technician will be employed by the city council to maintain the bicycles, although at this point it is not known if any of Ronda’s three existing bicycle shops will be able to contract for their maintenance.

Rondeño David del Rio selected for Spanish tennis team

A young Rondeño, David del Rio has been selected to represent Spain in the under 16 team. David’s first competition games will be at the Winter Cup in Udine, Italy. He joins two other contemporaries from the National Junior team Carlos Bautista and Nacho Gonzalez in the under 16 grade as they compete to reach the Winter Cup finals in Ronchin France, to be held from the 19th to 21st February 2010.

Ronda Tortugas Rugby Team Partner with Asprodisis

Ronda’s Tortuga Rugby Team have added a new project to their burgeoning club, offering social rugby games to people with intellectual disabilities as part of their ongoing rehabilitation. The association with Asprodisis was announced today after the success of the first game played between Asprodisis patients and members of the Ronda Tortugas third division team.

The first game was described by club president Hans Leuenberger as “an adventure” as players adjusted to making contact with the Asprodisis players. Initial hesitancy soon gave way to spirited playing as simple rules of the game were developed.

Players from the Asprodisis squad took to running with the ball with gusto, with everyone enjoying some good rugby, albeit at a very basic level. Ronda Tortugas are the first competitive team in the Andalusian league to partner with a mentall handicapped association, and weekly games have now been integrated into the therapeutic activities of Asprodisis.

The Ronda Tortugas Rugby team play in the third division Andalusian Rugby league, and have three junior training days, two in Ronda, and one in Arriate for children aged 4-11. It is hoped a full club with multiple teams can be developed in Ronda, whilst senior players hope that Ronda will be promoted to the second league in the next 2-3 years.

La Asociación Protectora de Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual de Ronda y la Comarca (Asprodisis) is the largest caregiver for intellectually handicapped people in the Serranía de Ronda, offering residential facilities, employment opportunities, as well as rehabilitation services to people of all ages and conditions.