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Cycling from Ronda and around the Serrania

The Ronda area is, without doubt, a cyclists delight and can be challenging at times! In fact the areas around Ronda and the sierra de Grazalema  are well known and a popular training destination for professional cyclist winter camps preparing for long distance road races and triathlons. So, lets take a look at Cycling from Ronda and around the Serranía.

Where to get more information, hire your bikes or book a cycling tour?

White Village Tours Cycling and the Via Verde close to Ronda

Experience a leisurely self-guided cycling excursion over at Viator, With Ronda based White Village Tours Cycling, pedalling through the picturesque countryside north of Ronda. Journey through tunnels and across bridges, passing by olive groves and farmland, while traversing the mountains along one of Spain’s most exquisite Via Verdes.

Cycling the Via Verde with White Village Tours Cycling
The journey begins at an elevation of 450 meters above sea level, gradually descending to approximately 150 meters. You’ll ride on high-quality, well-maintained bicycles provided by the White Village Tours Cycling team, with the assurance of a support network as you navigate this scenic greenway at your own pace.

Book your cycling tour on the Via Verde over at Get Your Guide here.

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The FREE Ronda Printable Guide and City Map

Discover Ronda: Free Printable Guide and city map

Welcome to Ronda Today, your ultimate resource for exploring the captivating city of Ronda, Spain. Immerse yourself in the “City of Dreams” with a FREE printable guide and city map

We have received many emails from people asking for a printed version of Ronda Today so we have created a 21 page A4 essential Guide and map for Ronda Spain  from some of the most popular articles on this website.

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Guided Tours around Ronda

Guided tours around Ronda - Ronda Today

There are some excellent guided tours around Ronda and the white villages (Pueblos Blancos) of Malaga and Cádiz. Day trips start from from many of the nearby cities such as Seville, Málaga and the Costa del Sol area of Andalucia.

Going it alone? Check out Ronda Todays very own VoiceMap GPS Audio Guide for Ronda here: Written and recorded by Clive the author of Ronda Today. :)

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5 amazing things to do in Ronda

There are quite a lot of “things” to do in Ronda… Just walking the streets,  sightseeing  the top 10 monuments and eating the best tapas will fill your day (and your tummy.) But, if you have a bit of extra time. Why not try one (or all) of these 5 amazing things to do in Ronda?

Take a walk down the Camino del Desfiladero del Tajo Gorge
The Camino del Desfiladero del Tajo in Ronda
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A family adventure in historic Cordoba: Exploring the heart of Andalusia with kids

Welcome to the vibrant and captivating city of Cordoba, nestled in the heart of Andalusia! As the sun cast its fiery August glow upon the historic streets, my family and I embarked on a family adventure in historic Cordoba that combined the rich tapestry of Cordoba’s past with the energy of two grown ups and three curious kids, aged 14, 14, and 9.

August’s fierce heat with temps as high as 46C didn’t deter us from uncovering the treasures this enchanting city has to offer. From awe-inspiring architecture to delightful culinary experiences, our exploration was a blend of education, culture, and pure fun. With 5 sets of eagle eyes and the help of Google maps, it was also pretty easy for us to find great places to eat as well.

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