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Udo Burkhardt Exhibtion at Circulo de Artistas, Ronda

If the opening night of Udo Burkhardt’s newest exhibition of art in Ronda is anything to go by, attendance during the course of the exhibition, which runs from the 12th December to the 20th December is likely to be high.

Udo has chosen one of his most controversial paintings as the poster painting for the exhibition, seen in our photograph Udo (wearing a black leather jacket) and some of the visitors to the opening night.

Depicting an Afghan woman wearing a Burkha, Udo says he aims to highlight the lack of freedom of expression that women in some parts of the world have, whilst those attending his exhibitions in contrast have complete freedoms to express themselves in any way they feel.

In his art Udo rarely crosses into politics, the majority of his art is striking for it’s simplicity of colours and topic, though this impression certainly doesn’t define the artist. A careful examination of Udo’s other pieces underscores a man with deeply held ideas. His series of western horoscope starsigns is evidence of this, each painting demonstrating a thoughtful mind at work as the artist captures the essential spirit of each sign.

Udo with Blue Lynx
Udo with Blue Lynx

On display Udo has included a second series of symbolic pieces representing the natural world out of context, with some quite outstanding pieces to admire. This exhibition is quirky, vivid, and partly controversial, and in Ronda this is rare. Given the number of local artists who paint village scenes or still life, Udo’s exhibition is refreshing for being at once contemporary and unusual.

About the Artist

Udo Burkhardt hails from Germany, where as a young man he was known more for his music. Living in the Llano de la Cruz with his wife Margitt, Udo has exhibited several times in Ronda, including at the Casa del Cultura, the Parador Hotel, Unicaja, and the now defunct Andrew’s Artgalerie.

If you’d like to see Udo’s art on display, the Circulo de Artistas is located in the Casino building at the northern end of Plaza Socorro. Opening hours are 11:00 to 12:00 and 18:00 t0 22:00 every day.

Ron Morley, Benaojan Artist

Ron Morley, born in London 1938, painter in oil and occasionally watercolour.

Before his retirement in 2005 he worked freelance as a magazine and newspaper designer, moving around Fleet Street, London, in the cut and thrust of tight deadlines and graveyard shifts.

He now lives in Benaojan, Andalucía, and with a complete change of lifestyle, has time to ponder and tentatively paint.

His subject matter is close at hand and all engulfing, and for the moment it is enough to paint simple village scenes, explore the narrow streets, relish the blue skys and delve into the deep shadows.

He loves the medium of oil, working with its richness and depth gives him huge satisfaction and a freedom he never knew in the black and white rigidity of the British press.

More of Ron’s work can be seen at the Hotel Molino del Santo, Benaoján Estación.

Gallery of Ron’s Paintings

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Christine Ellingham Acrylic and Watercolour Artist from Benaojan

All her life Christine Ellingham has been painting and drawing, in fact her entire working career has been devoted to creative pursuits. Born in Buckinghamshire in England, Christine studied art at Banbury College of Art with emphasis on life drawing and draftmanship, before completing studies at Hornsey College of Art.

Many artists struggle to find work, but Christine was lucky to start her career in the comic industry drawing picture strips in the 1960s. Drawing scenes from girls adventure stories that were serialised in newspapers. As an artist Christine had the flexibility to work almost anywhere if there was a post office in the vicinity, and during the early 1970s she moved to Spain.

It was whilst living in Spain that she lost the use of her right hand to ‘Focal Dystonia’, forcing her to learn to draw with her left hand. These were troubling times for Christine but allowed her to develop her skill, initially with illustrations.

As an illustrator Christine has drawn for ‘Woman’s Own’ and ‘The Lady’ amongst others, and has accepted commissions from BP, the Royal Mail, and British Gas. During the 1980s and 1990s Christine worked for several fleet street newspapers illustrating politicians and royalty, as well as providing food and financial illustrations. Most recently she has designed coins for several national mints.

Retirement allowed Christine Ellingham and her husband Ron Morley to relocate to Spain again, and has given Christine the opportunity to really develop her painting, in stark contrast to a career of illustration.

Her first love is water colour, though she finds herself mostly using acrylic on canvas, and whilst she does complete local landscapes, she has said that still life appeals to her more at the moment, though like any artist reserves the right to use any media that captures her imagination.

Christine is a regular exhibitor at Ronda’s Artesanía Market, and has permanent exhibitions on display in the Hotel Molino del Santo in Benaojan, and Hotel Molino del Puente outside Ronda. She also takes part in exhibitions organised by Ronda’s Casa del Cultura and in the Andalucian Soap Company Shop.

Commissions are not accepted at the moment.

Gallery of Christine’s Paintings

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Lesley Riddihough, Artist in Andalusia

Born in the UK in 1943, Lesley remembers being interested in art and artistic endeavours from an early age. At school she remembers wanting to study art after completing High School, and she did, being admitted to the Birmingham College of Art for a three year program of study.

Soon after leaving college, Lesley found herself in demand in Paris by Lanvin, at the time one of the most influential fashion houses in France, if not the world. Lesley enjoyed her time modelling, and it was here that she became mother to two young girls.

By 1969, Lesley and her daughters longed for a quieter and more relaxing life, and the Balearic Islands beckoned. It was here that Lesley developed her talent for clothes design, opening a specialty boutique on Formentura.

The early 1980s, and a move to Ibiza, allowed Lesley to finally return to art, her passion since a child, but never indulged, and through the next few years exhibits in Ibiza, Formentura, England, and even Germany were common events.

We are fortunate here in the Serranía that Lesley visited and then fell madly in love with Gaucín on a trip in 2005, prompting an immediate move, and some of Lesley’s best works in the tranquility of Gaucín’s campo.

Since moving to the Serranía, Lesley has exhibited in Gaucín, in Ronda, and at several local hotels, and the first Sunday of every month will often find her in Plaza Duquesa de Parcent with her best pieces for sale to enthusiastic buyers.

Contact Lesley Riddihough

Lesley can be contacted for private commissions. Her paintings vary in size from about (90 x 65cm) to (116 x 81cm). She also has several small detail paintings of (20×20) for sale at the Andalucía Soap Company Shop in Ronda.

Would you like to purchase one of Lesley’s pieces? Lesley is a regular exhibitor in Ronda’s monthly Artesanía market held the first sunday of every month. She can be contacted on (+34) 952 117 152

Gallery of Lesley’s Paintings

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