Arunda Data Recovery Services

Ronda Hard Disk Repair

We are lucky in Ronda and the Serranía, to have the expert services of Arunda Data Recovery (ADR), a consultancy that is in most cases able to retrieve important data from failed computer hard drives, portable devices such as iPods, and USB pen drives.

With over 50 years combined experience in the computer industry, the team at ADR are very familiar with most problems their clients will encounter, and have solutions for most. From restoring family photo albums when a computer dies, to recovering important financial documents and accounting files, or retrieving personal documents in Word or Excel format.

Arunda Data Recovery use combinations of specialist equipment, some of it similar to the tools used by police and intelligence services, in addition to some repair of hard drives, to get your data off the old drive, and onto a new drive and in turn back onto your computer so that you can use it.

Working closely with several local computer retailers in Ronda and on the coast, Arunda Data Recovery have proved their abilities time and again, and are now able to offer their service direct to the public, although if your computer hard drive is still within it’s warranty period they recommend checking with your retailer first to see what can be done.

The procedure for recovering your data is simple, call ADR and tell them what happened. They’ll tell you right there on the phone how to proceed. Once the hard drive can be inspected a quote to retrieve the data is prepared, and on your agreement, your data is extracted and placed onto a second hard drive or DVD according to your needs.

ADR can also build custom computers for select clients, specifically when a computer is required to perform some specialist task that a retailer might find difficult to source. To contact the team at ADR, phone or email them, their contact details are below. Arunda Data Recovery are happy to deal with clients throughout Andalucía, and further afield.

Address c/ San Juan Bosco, 9
29400 Ronda (Málaga)
Telephone 952 874 610 or 669 412 298