Artist Alan Pearson, Olvera

Alan Pearson, Andalusian Artist

Alan Pearson, a retired maintenance engineer from the UK discovered a passion for painting as a young boy, and has developed his art around the scenes he sees in his daily routine. Many of the canvases in Alan’s portfolio date back to the 1980s while working in England, although he has been at his most prolific since moving to Spain.

Stylistically Alan prefers versatility over specialisation, a quick glance over Alan’s portfolio certainly confirms this, with pieces that at first glance appear dark and moody, ranging to colourful portraits, and traditional Andalusian landscapes, with many offering a glimpse into Alan’s depth of perception and sense of humour.

Says Alan “Local village scenes and the everyday lives of people here are a constant supply of inspiration for my paintings”, and why not, Andalusian scenery is amongst the most attractive in Europe sitting as it does on Africa’s doorstep yet still undeniably Iberian. “The mountains around Ronda are the most beautiful in this part of Spain, which, coupled with Andalusia’s climate, make the countryside here a delight to walk in.”

Art is an evolving process, and in Alan’s case has allowed his hobby to grow with him, as an artist, and as an observer of life’s many mysteries. Earlier pieces by Alan show heavy post-industrial scenes painted in white watercolour on black paper. Later pieces are vividly colourful portraits and landscapes using oil on board or canvas.

Retirement in Southern Spain has given Alan the time to create many wonderful images, including pieces that have sold in international markets, although he has never considered selling his work a form of income, indeed Alan sees selling a work as confirmation of his skill and the sharing of a universal love for art.

Away from his studio, Alan is a keen sailor and paraglider, and has taught many youngsters the joy of sailing whilst living in the UK. Soon, Alan plans to buy another boat so that he can enjoy sailing in Spanish waters. He is an active walker in the hills of the Serranía de Ronda and the Sierra de Cadíz. A camera for capturing scenes that eventually make their way to canvas is an obligatory part of Alan’s walking kit.

Future directions for Alan include painting more of the local village scenes of the pueblos blancos, and the horses of Andalusia which Alan describes as “a vibrant part of the culture here in Spain”.

In closing, “I hope you enjoy my work and I would like you to share my adventure here in Spain through my paintings” – Alan Pearson, Artist in Andalusia.

Contact Alan Pearson

Alan can be contacted for private commissions.

Would you like to purchase one of Alan’s pieces? Alan is a regular exhibitor in Ronda’s monthly Artesanía market held the first sunday of every month. Click to send an email to Alan:

Gallery of Alan’s Paintings

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  1. Thank you for allowing me to contact you. About 25 years ago I visited Rondo and bought my husband-then boyfriend a serigraph 74/500 as a memento of our trip. I cannot recognize the artist’s signature and am wondering if you can help me figure out who painted it.

    It’s a pueblo with stairs. Mostly blues and gold with white and black windows. Kind of austere looking – very straight lines and angles modern if you will.

    Thank you


  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Your story intrigues me quite a bit, I wonder if you’d be willing to take a good photo of the serigraph and email it to me and I’ll ask the president of the Ronda Art Association if they can help trace the artist. My email address is

    Best wishes,


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