Time for an interview with Time for T!

Today we talk to the British Indie band Time for T about how they first met, the best and worst bits about being a band and their new song Ronda!

The band, comprised of six members from all over Europe were formed in a cosy Brighton pub in 2012. Since their formation they have released four albums: Dream Bug, Mongrel, Time for T and their newest addition: Hoping something anything which was released on the 15th September. Here at Entrelenguas we love their new album, like all their music it has a very chilled and relaxed tone, and obviously our favourite song is Ronda!

What I find very interesting is the name of your band, Time for T. How did you decide on that name? What made you call yourselves Time for T? 

The name came about as a bit of a joke as my name is Tiago and in England it’s hard to pronounce, so many people called me T. I had to make a Myspace page to put my songs out and thought it was a silly joke. When the band joined me, we decided to keep the name. People…

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