The Gastronomy Event is back!

Escuela Entrelenguas invites you all to the International Gastronomy Event (fifth edition) which will be carried out on Saturday the 8th April from 1 pm to 5pm in our centre (Calle Espíritu Santo, 9) in Ronda, in collaboration with the organisation Raíces. In this occasion, we will also have the pleasure of having the collaboration of the Red Cross, to whom we would like to take the opportunity to thank.

As some of you already know, the reason for this meeting is to raise money and help different groups that are in a disadvantaged situation. In this case, and following the suggestion of Azzam Qasrawi (president of the association Raíces, with whom we always organize this event), it has been decided to donate all the money collected to the kids from Yemen.

The event will run as in previous editions: people from different countries will cook international dishes in the form of tapas, and visitors will be able to try them all at one or two Euros. Cool, hum? Plus our local…

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