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What are the most typical Spanish dishes?


* Practice your Spanish by reading the Spanish version of the text (for A1.2 students or higher). 

If you are in Spain and you don’t know the typical dishes, see the list below made by our A1 students. They are delicious, SO yummy! Do not hesitate to try them.

Micky, Germany

Paella: Paella is a famous rice dish from Valencia. There are different types of Paella. It can be with vegetables, chicken, rabbit or seafood.

Fried anchovies: Anchovies can be fried or cooked with vinegar. I love fried anchovies fried with flour in a frying pan. You can eat anchovies with lemon and bread.

Rob, The Netherlands

Churros: Churros is a typical Spanish pastry, it is shaped like a long sausage and can be either straight or curly. You can eat them for breakfast either with sugar or chocolate.

Croquetas: Croquetas are covered by breadcrumbs. They are fried and made of meat, mushrooms or shrimps. You can eat them as a tapa (small portion).

Philip, UK

Gazpacho: There are plenty of gazpacho…

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Learning Spanish in Malaga


With my university studies, I’ve had the opportunity to do a work placement and I decided to do it here, in Ronda, near Malaga, and more precisely in this Cultural Immersive Centre named Entrelenguas. I know that it’s not always easy to integrate into a new country when you don’t know the language so I wasn’t totally relaxed about spending 3 months in Andalusia and having difficulties in Spanish. However, thanks to my internship I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to have Spanish lessons twice a week, 3 hours a week and these have helped me a lot.

Let me tell you all about Learn Spanish in Malaga and my experience with the Spanish classes in entrelenguas:

First, I had to do a placement test. It’s ideal if you don’t want to find yourself in a group where you can’t understand anything, or the opposite, if you feel like you might waste your time. Thanks to the test I’m in a Spanish class that suits me: we work together and, as I don’t particularly like all the grammar…

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Five reasons on why to learn Spanish in Malaga

Figures are telling us all: Spanish is the most trending language all over the world. Last year, more than 21 Million students studied Spanish as foreign language. More and more people decide to learn Spanish as a way of taking a turn in their professional career, changing their life or simply having a much better break from work in our country. And if you are thinking of learning Spanish in Spain, what would be a better place than Malaga!

In this post we want to share with the readers five reasons on why the Costa del Sol, in the province of Malaga, is the best place to learn Spanish:

  1. Climate: It is well known that Malaga and the Costa del Sol have an enviable climate. Its long hours of sun and average temperatures have made this region the preferred destination for Europeans, not only as a holiday destination but also a permanent residency. In fact, more than 15% of the total population of Malaga is foreign. Because of the characteristics of this climate, Spanish…

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Volunteering in Ronda: the best way to learn Spanish!

Hi! We want to introduce you to Hannah.

Hannah is 18 years old and from Canada. She is currently on her gap year as a University student and so she and her friend decided to do a tour through Europe and of course to stop in our beautiful town Ronda. She is doing the volunteering program with us and today we interviewed her to find out more about her opinion on what it is like to live and work in Spain.

We were curious as to why she decided to volunteer and why here in Ronda. Before she starts travelling, she wanted to do something meaningful. She wanted to stay in a smaller city where she could experience the local culture and the real Spain! She said that volunteering was an added bonus, as it allowed her to do something positive for the community.

Hannah volunteers at a nursery here in Ronda, with kids between the ages of 0-3 years. Volunteering in a nursery school is one of the programs we offer here at Entrelenguas. The students work in the morning and in the afternoon they…

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