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Ronda, the city of dreams

Costa del Sol Day Trips to Ronda

Spain, and in particular the Costa del Sol, is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, and from Marbella, Puerto Banus, Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Mijas Costa, Fuengirola, San Pedro, Málaga or Estepona Ronda is only a short drive, between 45 minutes and 1hr 15minutes away, and is rated one of THE must-see destinations in Spain.

Aside from the small and compact size of the city of Ronda, everywhere can be reached on foot in less than 30 minutes walking, Ronda has also been home to people spanning 30,000-40,000 years, most of whom have left their mark in the form of nearby cave paintings, bronze age burial chambers, a ruined Roman city, and the Moorish quarter.

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The famous new bridge in Ronda

Puente Nuevo and El Tajo Gorge

Puente Nuevo seen from the Valley
Ronda is one of the few cities in the world to have a deep gorge running through the heart of the city, and is luckier still to have the Puente Nuevo (new bridge in Spanish) spanning it. The gorge also served as the most formidable defence Ronda’s enemies have ever tried to attack. Known as El Tajo, the gorge was created by constant erosion of the rio Guadalevín which is fed by mountain streams and melting snow high in the mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves. Continue reading


Puente Nuevo Phone Backgrounds

Here’s a special treat for readers of Ronda Today, our favourite photo of the Puente Nuevo, Ronda’s iconic bridge, resized to fit the screen of a Nokia or Apple smartphone.

There are two versions of the photo, a Nokia version which is 640-360 pixels, perfect for users of the Nokia 5800 phone, and an iPhone photo sized at 480-320 pixels.

To download, simply right click on the image you want to save it. Thanks for being a reader of Ronda Today!

Puente Nuevo for Nokia Phones

Puente Nuevo for iPhone

Proposed Youth Hostel and 3 Star Hotel

Embarrassment for Town Council Regarding Illegal Works in the Tajo

The Ayuntamiento of Ronda has unwittingly started construction on a youth hostel and 3 star hotel in old mill buildings close to the Guadelevin river below the Puente Nuevo in buildings not owned by the council, leaving red faces as the rightful owners agree not to seek legal remedies.

Two old mill buildings previously owned by the Sevillana Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Spain’s electrical supply company Endesa, though in 1994 they were donated to the Asociación Promoción y Desarrollo de la Serranía de Ronda who undertook to prevent their use in a way that could harm the landscape of the tajo.

Local employment workshops (Taller de Empleo) have renovated the two buildings over several years, including new roofs, structural repairs, and internal construction that would allow one of the buildings to be used as a dormitory type building for youths, whilst the other would be converted into a 3 star hotel.

The works are not yet complete, some estimates say around 75% of construction is complete, however the set aside legal action does not automatically entitle the town hall to resume renovations until an agreement can be reached with the association.

Both buildings were formally in a state of ruin, so renovations and conversion to accommodation are not considered disadvantages, however ownership of the buildings and surrounding land, and the revenue to be generated from them will now be the responsibility of the association. Officers of the association were today unavailable for comment.

Hotel Ronda in the town of Ronda

Hotel Ronda in Ronda’s Moorish Quarter *

Finding a hotel in Ronda is easy, there are so many to choose from, but not all hotels are created equal. Hotel Ronda located next to the Casa del Rey Moro (The Moorish King’s House) is one of these delightful little hotels most people only hear about after their holiday in Ronda.

Quite simply, most hotel booking and review websites or travel guides mention the biggest hotels, or best advertisers and it can be very difficult to find the smaller hotels that you should probably stay at, or would if a friend recommended it. Hotel Ronda is one of these small boutique hotels that really deserves a mention.

Book this hotel in the Moorish Quarter of Ronda

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