Chocolate fanchise in Ronda

Chocolat Cafeteria €€

Chocolat opened some years ago on a side street and immediately attracted a devoted local clientele. Now open on c/La Bola, the discreet sign “Sven – Chocolatero” draws curious visitors as well.

The narrow store front barely hints at the treasures within. As you proceed along the hallway, you’ll see that there’s ice cream (normal enough), then a wide selection of loose teas from rooibus and herbal types to the black and green teas from India and China, then whole-bean coffees, and a glass case of chocolates (bonbones de chocolat), each shaped bonbon a different flavor.

Air-conditioned, non-smoking, handicapped accessible

In the tradition of a French chocolatier, each chocolate is a work of art in miniature: almond, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, mocha, mint, gianduja, and so much more. But there is still the case of cakes and tarts, which can be purchased whole or by the slice: almond, Sacher (yes, real Sachertorte, in Ronda!), apple, and others, depending on the season and the whim of the baker.

The brownies “Rocher” resemble American brownies, but are adorned with caramel and bits of glazed chocolate cake; can you resist? Now if you look behind you, you’ll see an inviting café with tables and banquettes. The elegant color scheme of rose-gold and cream contributes to a soothing ambience, creating a well-lit oasis of tranquility.

The menus include all the teas and coffees, the cakes and pastries, juices and ice creams, and assorted breakfast and lunch offerings. Ah, a true “croissant de Paris ” — light and flaky, without the glaze and the heaviness so often encountered in “croissants” elsewhere.

The luncheon items are a blend of traditonal Spanish items and more international choices, nothing deep-fried, all tasty and fresh. Without being self-consciously “healthy”, Chocolat offers a range of
vegetarian and low-fat options.

In summer, there are tables outside (with a small extra charge), suitable for people-watching. In winter, Chocolat offers a wonderfully rich hot chocolate that will make your morning. And you can buy the mix in a tin to take home, for days when you don’t want to venture out.

Chocolat is a franchise, but Pedro and his staff have made this café very much a local treasure. The staff are friendly and helpful, but not intrusive; some are multilingual. They don’t just take your order and bring your food. They’ll do up your order to go, grind coffee for you, measure out loose tea, build an ice cream cone, or make up a gift box of chocolates.

You can’t help but relax at Chocolat, but when you do have to leave, the bill won’t send you into shock. For those of us addicted to chocolate, this is the place.

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