Sonia, the new member of Entrelenguas!

Sonia Octavio is a student at the University of Swansea, Wales but currently lives in Ronda. Today we interviewed her to find out more about her opinion about what it is to live, work and study in this city – and especially if she likes to be a güiri in a village in the middle of Andalusia.

1. Sonia, why did you prefer to come to Ronda instead of a big city like Seville or Granada? What makes it so special?

I think Ronda is perfect for living in a traditional Spain. Cities like Seville or Granada might be pretty but I think they are very modern and lacking the Spanish authenticity. I studied the last semester in Paris at the University. The city was too overwhelming, so I decided to spend this semester semester in a quiet, family-friendly city.

2. Tell us a little about the people here, the Rondeños and Southerners.

People here in Ronda are very friendly and open minded. They are always trying to help you even though there is language barrier. I think Andalusian people; I would…

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