Sierra de Grazalema Represented at FITUR 2011

Grazalema’s Tourist Information Centre, owned and managed by Clive Muir and Sue Eatock of Zahara de la Sierra Grazalema, is being talked about in the top echelons of Spanish tourism for their commitment to promoting tourism, even to the extent of sending one their team, Nuria Asensio to Madrid to work on the Cadíz stand.

Whilst cities such as Ronda are almost always represented by the mayor and councillors with support from local staff, the inclusion of Grazalema on the Cadiz stand is being widely seen as ground-breaking, that a small office in a remote village of Andalucia sees value in being represented at FITUR.

Estimates are that over 200,000 people from the travel industry and interested holiday makers passed through the doors of Spain’s premier tourism expo, with a very high number of those visiting the Cadiz stand, including Andalucia’s Minister of Tourism Luciano Alonso.

Grazalema of course isn’t just a village, and the tourism office offers free advice to travellers about all of the Sierra de Grazalema, Sierra de Cadiz, and the Serranía de Ronda with special emphasis on sustainable eco-tourism and the preservation of traditional customs.

Grazalema’s mayor, María José Lara and her council took the very forward thinking decision to award the contract for managing the Tourism Information Centre to local expats Clive and Sue, a decision richly rewarded with innovative ideas such as the traditional industry exhibition including flour mill, wool spinning, and bread-making workshops being organised for visitors to the area.

Commenting after the event, the mayor said “It was our goal to represent Grazalema at FITUR, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Clive Muir and his team”.

Representation at FITUR 2011, with all of the attendant costs that it implies, is a huge step forward for the Grazalema Tourism Information Centre, and it is hoped will generate thousands of additional visitors to the area, and should benefit Grazalema’s many hotels, restaurants, and other tourism industry operators.

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