Entrelenguas | Alojar estudiantes en Ronda

¡IMPORTANTE! Estamos buscando a más familias con hijos de entre 16 y 20 años que quieran formar parte de nuestro programa de familias anfitrionas y alojar en casa a estudiantes extranjeros. Más info en el siguiente link o en info@entrelenguas.es ¡Gracias por compartir la información!

Entrelenguas | Alojar estudiantes en Ronda

A Entrelenguas le gusta proponer este tipo de alojamiento para los estudiantes que participan en sus cursos de español, ¡sin duda es la mejor manera de fomentar el contacto local y una inmersión completa en la cultura española! Aprender español así es más fácil. Y para las familias la mejor manera d…

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Becoming a host family: a wonderful experience

In Entrelenguas, we know that cultural immersion is the key in the learning process of every student and one of our main objectives is the inclusion of the community in our activity. For this, among the forms of accommodation we offer, is the stay with a family. This is without a doubt an enriching experience for the whole family: the best way to get to know another language and another culture, making friends for life and travel without leaving home. For the student visiting Ronda staying in a family’s house changes everything, as they have the opportunity to live in accordance with the customs of a Spanish family. This will for sure be an unforgettable experience for the language and the personal value.

We work with local families who have been carefully selected to ensure the student feels at home during their stay. Today we interviewed Miguel Cid, a member of one of the host families who collaborate with us.

E: Miguel, why did you decide to become a host for students?

M: I…

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Entrelenguas | Cultura de la Tapa 100% España

Thanks everyone who joined us for the tapas tour yesterday! We had a fantastic time! Also, special thanks to Taberna El Almacén and Toro Tapas for their incredible dishes! And for those of you who could not make it this time, here is an article about the origin of tapas and this great Spanish tradition! Check it out!


Entrelenguas | Cultura de la Tapa 100% España

Salir de tapas es la opción si estas pensando donde comer. Un encuentro cultural con la comida como protagonista, una fiesta cotidiana.

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Top 10 places to visit in Ronda During Your Stay

Ronda is one of the oldest towns in Europe, people have lived in the district for more than 30,000 years, and Ronda has been occupied for 9,000 years.

If you’re planning to visit Ronda here are the top things to do to help you enjoy your holiday. Ronda is a small city, and almost everything is within 500m of the Puento Nuevo bridge. Tourist office maps are printed in Spanish, English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian.

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Where to eat? | Going out for Tapas?

The importance of this social event has its clearest example in the south of Spain. If we ask one of the food lovers who live in these latitudes: “hey, where would be a good place to eat?” Surely the answer is the address of some tapas bar in the area.

Before entering into matter and to justify the name of these great snacks, we will refer to the word tapa which means in its first meaning, according to the RAE (Royal Academy of the Spanish Language): 1. f. Piece that closes the upper part of boxes or containers.

The origin of this custom has several versions but we choose the one that is typical for the area of Cadiz, the place with the most history and tradition of our old Europe. The waiter was asked for a glass of wine and in order to cover it (so flies or sand grains would not fall into it) a piece of cheese, a little ham or sausage on a plate would be put on the glass. All of the very traditional foods, which we have preserved and eaten for hundreds of years, have been an…

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