Municipal Election Race in Ronda Gets Underway

In a surprise announcement today, Francisco Cañestro, general secretary of Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) in Ronda announced that he is throwing his weight behind current mayor Antonio Marín Lara as proposed candidate for mayor if PSOE win the next municipal election to be held on 22nd May 2011.

All of the other three main political parties in Ronda, Partido Popular (PP), Partido Andalucista (PA), and Izquierda Unida (IU) have already declared their nominations for mayor, and the decision of Cañestro is seen as significant since Marín Lara’s candidacy should now be a simple formality when the PSOE executive meet to discuss eligible candidates.

Rumours of infighting within PSOE, and of rival candidates canvassing for executive and militant votes look like they may have been confirmed with the nature of Cañestros announcement, first for the delay in making it months after the other parties have already gone through this process, and secondly because in recent weeks Marín Lara has come out fighting against rumours he was seeking a nomination for PSOE in the Andalucian parliament.

Cañestro further announced that the local executive is likely to confirm Marín Lara’s candidacy in October, although representatives of PP and PA are in no doubt that today’s announcement is an effective declaration that the race for mayor and majority party has begun.

Marí Paz Fernandez stands for the PP, Isabel Barriga for PA, Rafael Ruiz for IU against PSOE’s Antonio Marín Lara.

Now that all of the candidates are known, the question of who the list candidates for seats in Ronda’s council will be the next major decision of each party, although IU are said to have finalised their list, however the party currently has only one councillor in the present council and recent polls suggesting they may not increase their standing at the next election.

Of interest to Rondeños and foreign residents will be the policies of each party heading into the election, and again, with the exception of IU, final pre-election policy documents have yet to be released.

Over the coming weeks Ronda Today will be interviewing all four party leaders for their initial assessment of their strengths as the election race starts, and during the election we’ll publish regular commentary and opinion polls. The poll below is confidential, but you will only be able to vote once per month until the election, why not let us know who you’ll be voting for?

Que prefiere a la alcaldía de Ronda en 2011? Who do you prefer for mayor of Ronda in 2011?
Antonio Marín Lara (PSOE)
Mari Paz Fernandez (PP)
Isabel Barriga (PA)
Rafael Ruiz (IU)
Los Verdes
Ninguna / None

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