Military Barracks in Ronda to be Demolished

Yesterday at 12:30 the first stage of the demolition of the old military barracks in the centre of Ronda began, with Ronda’s mayor Antonio Marín Lara looking on.

Known as the Cuartel de la Concepción, the barracks comprise an entire city nlock, bounded by Calle Chica, Calle Lauría, Calle San José, and Calle Naranja. The barracks are diagonally opposite Ronda’s bus station.

Recently the Ronda town council agreed to buy the dilapidated barracks from the Ministry of Defence for the sum of 3.6million Euros to be paid over a number of years. Since it’s abandonment several years ago the barracks have been over run by rats and mice, and parts of the building are now starting to collapse.

The heavy rains in December and January caused severe damage to the roof of the building adjacent to Calle Chica, and after roof tiles and chunks of concrete started to fall, a decision to bring forward the demolition was made.

Coincidentally, the headquarters of the PSOE is in Calle Chica and is one of the neighbours adversely affected by the possible collapse of the barracks building. Ronda’s Partido Popular (PP) have suggested the imminent collapse is a cynical excuse offered by the mayor to pacify the PSOE party faithful.

Demolition is likely to be completed in three months and will cost 600,000€, of which around 50% will be spent removing asbestos roofing, which under Spanish law must be removed by trained professionals and disposed of in a prescribed manner to avoid asbestos dust escaping.

Initially the interior of the building will be demolished by heavy machinery, and the waste used to build ramps so that the higher external walls can be pulled inwards without risk of falling on the street or neighbouring properties.

After demolition is complete, a parking space for upto 200 cars will be created, and the decision of what to do with the space left until after the next Ronda municipal elections. The PSOE favour building an underground carpark for 600 vehicles, and a new town hall above ground. The opposition suggest this isn’t needed and the space could be sold to generate income for the city.

Ronda Today was invited to attend the pre-demolition tour with Marín Lara, our photos are below.