Mi casa es tu casa: a home stay experience

Today we would like to introduce you to Emma. The 19-years-old university student is currently on her gap year so she and her friend are doing a trip through Europe. She decided to do a big stop in Ronda to take part in the volunteering program at Entrelenguas. She is staying with a host family and we interviewed her to find out more about how it is to live with a Spanish family.

When she found out she was going to be living with a host family, she was excited to be immersed in the Spanish culture, but also nervous because it was a new experience for her. “I knew there would be some things that would be different then at home in Canada but that I would just embrace it for what it was.” 

We wanted to know more about her daily life in the family. Emma describes the daily life at her host family to be pretty similar to any family. The daughter and the father go to work or school earlier in the morning and she usually eats breakfast with her host mother and helps her clean up…

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