Maria Villalon Concert, Ronda 2010

The concert featuring Angeles Vela and Maria Villalon it is fair to say was a significant highlight of the Pedro Romero Feria 2010, attracting a dedicated fanbase of around 400 in the stadium tent, all of whom seemed very happy to spend their 10 euros for a great concert.

Starting around forty minutes later than the advertised time, fans were not disappointed with Angeles Vela who performed her two most popular songs ‘Tan lejos de ti’ and ‘Duele’ followed by two rousing flamenco fusion numbers that had front row seats clapping and stamping their feet.

After a 20 minute intermission to setup the stage, Maria Villalon and her band appeared to rapturous applause and immediately went into ‘La lluvia’, her most recent hit in the Spanish top 40 charts.

Maria’s stage  performance was exceptional, a true professional in every respect of the word, we can see her slightly nervous demeanor during the X-factor competition has matured into a confident and very sexy star ready to take on the world.

Stage attitude Maria has in spades, and she is not afraid to use the full stage as she exhorts her band to play louder, and her fans respond. Lighters were lit and sideways swaying encouraged by brave souls at the front.

It would be easy to dismiss Maria as the local girl given a taste of stardom, but it is very apparent from watching Maria on stage, this is a woman ready to undertake a global tour after she completes her grueling national tour of Spain.

During her set Maria acknowledged her family sitting in the front rows, especially her grandmother.

Though this author’s most special moment was when Maria smiled with clear recognition in my direction.

Perhaps the biggest joy seeing Maria Villalon singing live in Ronda is that she actually does sing, and is very talented, this is not a woman who mimes. Having been privileged, or is that unlucky enough to see Britney Spears in concert, I can tell you it is a real joy to see a natural performer on stage.

My final thoughts on tonight’s show relate to the interaction between the band members and Maria, there are no prima donnas on stage, everyone is committed to entertaining the audience, and for a 21 year old that is exceptional.

Concert Ticket, Maria Villalon

The final set of songs performed paid homage to Maria’s first two albums recorded when she was in her early teens including ‘Maria’ though the crowd were especially kind when new songs such as ‘Sin Hablar’ were belted out as part of a test of their potential popularity.

Not content to go home early, we were treated to a set of around 25 songs, culminating in a loud and excited reprise of ‘Te espero aqui’

Maria’s final song ‘Aguita de Abril’, after an emotionally charged concert didn’t leave a dry eye in the tent, this was Maria’s moment to thank her father for all his support over the years on her to way to stardom.

Not being allowed to leave the stage, Maria became visibly choked with emotion a the crowd demanded an encore with, after which followed several more sets that must have left Maria exhausted.

All in all a great concert by Ronda’s favourite daughter, and the crowd responded very enthusiastically to all of Maria’s songs from both of her Sony-BMG albums. Maria has really touched the hearts of her most loyal fans, the people of Ronda!