Ronda in Southern Spain

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Ronda city is one of the most picturesque destinations in Spain, and the third most visited city in Andalucía. Popular sites to see are the Puente Nuevo bridge, the Plaza de Toros Bullring, Ronda’s cathedral, the historic Arab Baths, and much more.

In the Ronda Mountains you’ll find the beautiful white villages of Andalucía, including the most popular, Grazalema, Setenil de las Bodegas, Zahara de la Sierra, Genalguacil

Eight Spout Fountain
Eight Spout Fountain (Los Ocho Caños)

The ocho caños fuente, known in English as the eight spout fountain, used to be the only source of drinking water in the Padre Jesus district.

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Felipe V Arch
Felipe V Arch (Arco de Felipe V)

The Felipe V arch, was originally established as a tax gate into the city for merchants and travellers. These days tourists can walk past without paying a fee.

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Taxis in Ronda

Getting a taxi in Ronda will often involve calling ahead and requesting a pickup, this is because there is in fact only one taxi rank in Ronda despite there being several taxi pickup and drop off points. Hailing a vacant taxi in Ronda is quite common, although many drivers on their way to a fare […]

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Parking your Car in Ronda

Parking your car or hirecar in a strange city when you don’t know the rules can be hazadous to your wallet. Be prepared with our little guide to parking in Ronda.

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Arriving at Ronda’s Bus and Rail Stations

Visitors to Ronda by train or bus might find the signs to the town centre and monuments confusing, but after reading this article you’ll know exactly how to get there.

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Ronda City of Dreams
Quotes from Famous People who Stayed in Ronda

Ronda, the city of dreams, a place where travellers have stopped and fallen in love with our beautiful town. This is what they all said.

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Semana Santa in Ronda
Annual Events Serranía de Ronda

In common with most of Andalucia, Ronda celebrates many of the same holidays, though being a city in its own right, Ronda also has some holidays and events that are unique to the city.

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Sunflowers in July
Weather in Ronda

Ronda isn’t like the Costa del Sol or inland cities such as Sevilla or Cordoba. The micro-climate that exists here means summers are cooler, winters milder, and rainfall can be quite different as well.

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Moorish Walls of Ronda
Almoravid and Almohad Reign in Ronda

For much of the Almoravid and Almohad time, their empires were subject to Sharia law. This was a time of persecution yet also rebuilding.

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Christian Cross in Ronda
Churches in Ronda

Christianity and churches in Ronda have a long history, right back to late Roman times. Many of Ronda’s churches are architecturally important.

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