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Andalucían Alpacas in the Snow

Nigel and Ginny Cobb, a local couple who pioneered Alpaca breeding in Andalucía sent us this photo of their Alpacas sitting under a tree when the first snow arrived in Ronda a few days ago.

Their fibre keeps them warm and so long as they can get food (Nigel and Ginny go round with avena every day) they are quite happy.

Alpacas are originally found in South America but seem to thrive in Spanish conditions and their hair makes an excellent wool. Apart from Nigel and Ginny Cobb between Arriate and Setenil, there are also other breeders near Arriate and two breeders near Gaucín.

Nigel and Ginny are quite happy to meet people who might be interested in seeing their Alpacas, meetings can be arranged on their property near Ronda, and they often exhibit their Alpacas at local agricultural shows.

Too learn more, visit the Andalucían Alpaca website.

The Phonebox Experiment in Spain

Known only as Rob, the Serranía de Ronda is playing host to a Londoner who is camping next to a campo phonebox taking phone calls from all around the world, and getting little else done as the phone rings, and rings, and rings.

Rob, aka ‘Wilderness Man’, a 27 year old Mexican German lad who lives in London, arrived in Spain at the end of November and his website went live on Monday 30th November, and has already received phone calls from the UK, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Rumania, and many more nations.

The project is simply known as “The Phone Box Experiment” and sees Rob, an actor from London as the focus of a Big Brother type experiment that is using social networking to generate huge publicity for Rob’s experiment. You can call Rob on +34 951 055 675, although using Skype might be a cheaper alternative.

Rob plans to stay in the campo as long as he can, surrounded by campo dogs and wild boar, though he’s decorated his little campsite with plants scrounged from the area, and a string of Christmas lights to make his campsite more homely.

Rob’s exact location is a tightly guarded secret, though of course anyone who knows the mountains of the Serranía might be able to guess. Ronda Today isn’t able to tell you, but why not comment below and give us your best guess.

This experiment follows on the successful visit to Ronda of the crazy Norwegian, Bjorn Heidenstrom who is cycling from Norway to South Africa proving the Serranía de Ronda attracts a lot of adventurous types.