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Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone language courses

Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone

Successful, enjoyable language learning with Rosetta Stone. Award winning language learning softwareLearning Spanish with a Rosetta Stone language course could unlock a wealth of experiences for you. With 450,000,000 Spanish speakers around the world, even a simple understanding of Spanish could make or break a trip to somewhere exotic, or just a city escape – discover Spanish with Rosetta Stone before you take off and experience the world your way.

  • LEARN BY IMMERSION — Learn your new language in real-life scenarios, using your new language from the start – without translation or memorisation. You will be motivated to enhance your learning experience each and every day.
  • IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK — Speak, record and listen to your first words and phrases in Spanish and get immediate feedback – this will give you the confidence to talk to the taxi driver in Spanish when arriving in Barcelona or Buenos Aires.
  • ADAPTIVE RECALL — Transfer what you’ve covered in previous lessons to long term memory, our method lets you know when it’s time to review what you’ve learned.

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Rosetta Stone – language learning software

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