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Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish Resources

If you don’t have the time to attend a Spanish class, then take a look at the following list of learning websites and downloadable Spanish ebooks.

Taking some time to learn a few words of Spanish is guaranteed to endear you to Spaniards who always appreciate a non-native making the effort.

Buena suerte enseñanza del Español!

Free Spanish/English Dictionaries Online

Free Spanish/English Dictionary and word lists to study, as well as a free forum you can join and meet other students of Spanish. A Spanish word of the day is also offered, either by viiting their site or subscribing by email. Site is free to use or join the members area.

WordReference English Spanish in association with Oxford Dictionaries this online dictionary claims to have over 120,000 translations. It is free to use.

Google Translate is very useful for translating short phrases between Spanish and English, and they have a facility for translating entire webpages from Spanish to English as well. Free to use.

Free Spanish Learning Software for your Computer

Free software for your computer, Buensoft, makers of great language software for your computer offer their Basic Spanish program for free download, all you need to do is click the download link and install the program on your Windows computer to start their modules and begin learning Spanish.

Free Learn Spanish Websites

Study Spanish over the Internet for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced Spanish students. Over 1,000 pages of lessons are available for free, although this website will offer a premium membership to you, but of course you’re under no obligation to purchase. Signing up for their free membership programme is worth the time to get access to lessons.

Spanicity Spanish, free audio recordings that you can listen to directly from your web browser, simply click the play icon to hear Spanish pronunciation, grammar explanations, or short dialogues in Spanish.

BabelNation Free Spanish course. I love this site, they offer free Spanish lessons, an online English-Spanish dictionary, a forum for students, and if you register, you can also sit an examination for each lesson. Registration is free, not sure if you also get a newsletter.

BBC Languages Spanish is one of the best free resources online for learning basic Spanish and catching up on news in Spanish. Recently revampaed, the BBC are now offering a mini soap opera to follow as your Spanish improves. Well worth bookmarking this site, or signup for their free 12 week Spanish course with completion certificate.

Learn Spanish Website with a comprehensive set of exercises for beginners and intermediate level students. Listen to pronunciation, watch cultural videos, and participate in short tests to test your knowledge, although if you just to want to see the answers these are available too. Free to use, no registration required.

Free Videos for Learning Spanish

Destinos, an Introduction to Spanish. A complete 52 part soap opera in Spanish tells the story of a family over three generations from Spain to Mexico,and back to Spain. Fantastic free resource for learning Spanish but probably better used after you’ve completed a few weeks of study so you have a feel for the language. Free to watch.

Top 10 Learn Spanish Videos by Pam Gaulin, some of the best learn Spanish videos from Google and YouTube including alphabet and pronunciation, basic vocabulary, adjectives, numbers and counting, pronouns and more. No need to register, just watch.

Free Spanish ebooks to Download and Print

Basic Spanish ebook written by Linda Plummer of Top Tours of Spain who has lived in Spain for many years. Her free 42 page guide covers a lot of basic grammar and Spanish vocabulary in a relaxed easy to understand manner. I thoroughly recommend downloading this quick guide if you want to know how to construct sentences and questions which is after all the ultimate goal of any beginner Spanish student. No need to register, just download.

Free Spanish Phrasebook to download, written by John Slocum of Amerispan, this compact little phrasebook begins with a quick guide to Spanish grammar and then over two pages goes through a comprehensive pronunciation of Spanish sounds. The rest of this 31 page book is devoted to common phrases that any tourist in a Spanish speaking country should know. You will need to register with a valid email address to get the download location but its worth it for this ebook.

Learn Spanish in Spain

Learning Spanish in Ronda

Learning Spanish for expats choosing to live in Spain, and for tourists wanting to get the most from their short stay in this wonderful country isn’t easy. Spanish is a very complicated language for English language natives to master if you don’t have the advantage of learning it as a child.

Here in Ronda we are very lucky in being able to attend a free Spanish class at the Ministry of Education building on Calle Lauria del Pozo every Monday and Tuesday, with a refresher lesson on Thursdays.

The classes are paid for by the Andalucían government, and start at 10am till 12pm and most of us take some time to socialise and have a coffee afterwards. At your first lesson, bring along a passport photo for the school’s records, and 4€ for a copy of the text used during classes.

Intensive Spanish Courses

The university of Málaga has a program in Ronda for foreigners wanting to learn Spanish. The school ‘Programa Internacional de Estudios de Español (PIEE)‘ offers intensive Spanish lessons of upto 15 weeks, and is able to place students with host families in Ronda.

The school offers tuition at all levels from beginner to advanced, as well as practical conversation classes. Residents of Ronda who don’t need accommodation can also attend daily classes. Contact the school for pricing.

Private Spanish Lessons in Ronda

Would you like to arrange private one-on-one lessons with a Spanish teacher? We may be able to help you find a teacher who can work to your schedule. Whilst private lessons may cost you more, in the long run they are often a better investment of your time and money. Contact us for more information.

We are happy to recommend Manuel, a Spanish teacher in Ronda who is available some mornings for private one-on-one lessons.
Manuel Esquivel Melero
Phone: 646 229 723

If you don’t have the time to attend a Spanish class, then take a look at the following list of learning websites and downloadable Spanish ebooks. Taking some time to learn a few words of Spanish is guaranteed to endear you to Spaniards who always appreciate a non-native making the effort.

Buena suerte enseñanza del Español!