Becoming a host family: a wonderful experience

In Entrelenguas, we know that cultural immersion is the key in the learning process of every student and one of our main objectives is the inclusion of the community in our activity. For this, among the forms of accommodation we offer, is the stay with a family. This is without a doubt an enriching experience for the whole family: the best way to get to know another language and another culture, making friends for life and travel without leaving home. For the student visiting Ronda staying in a family’s house changes everything, as they have the opportunity to live in accordance with the customs of a Spanish family. This will for sure be an unforgettable experience for the language and the personal value.

We work with local families who have been carefully selected to ensure the student feels at home during their stay. Today we interviewed Miguel Cid, a member of one of the host families who collaborate with us.

E: Miguel, why did you decide to become a host for students?

M: I…

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