A Cultural Immersive Centre in Ronda.

There are three types of tourism moved by three experts who originally had the idea to create a place that brings together people with different origins and personalities. The result of this tourism project is now called Entrelenguas.

The centre organises cultural events on a continuous basis throughout the year and covers a wide range of topics ranging from the organisation of concerts and festivals to the organisation of Pop-ups with the most cosmopolitan rhythm. Orange Tourism in Ronda has its own name and that is Entrelenguas. There is no better plan for tonight! A cultural centre where you can dance and feel what it is to be a local in Ronda.

Learning Spanish is the base for Idiomatic Tourism that the centre offers. Yes, with a learning idea that will bring you back to school. Pencil, paper and hands on the work! Classes with people who want to learn Spanish in a relaxed way. Entrelenguas is the perfect place to come to together with the community and to learn Spanish in…

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