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Tourist guide to Ronda

We have received many emails from people asking for a printed version of Ronda Today so we have created a 21 page A4 essential guide (including city map) of Ronda and the Sierras from some of the most popular articles on this website.

If you are planning a trip to Ronda then you need this essential guide.

The guide contains Ronda Todays’ most important tourist information articles and includes a map of Ronda city, the most popular monuments and nearby places to visit including information on the Sierra de Grazalema and the white villages (Pueblos Blancos).  Just click the link below, pay via Paypal and you will receive an email with a link to download the guide to your computer. It’s a PDF document so you can store it on your machine and print it straight away.

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Top 10 places to visit in Ronda During Your Stay

Ronda is one of the oldest towns in Europe, people have lived in the district for more than 30,000 years, and Ronda has been occupied for 9,000 years.

If you’re planning to visit Ronda here are the top things to do to help you enjoy your holiday. Ronda is a small city, and almost everything is within 500m of the Puento Nuevo bridge. Tourist office maps are printed in Spanish, English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian.

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Parking your Car in Ronda

Ronda can sometimes be a difficult little city to drive around  for the uninitiated, especially if you’ are driving a large SUV or motor home, and if you’re towing a caravan don’t even think about entering the city centre, instead park in one of the outlying streets and then walk into the centre.

Most hotels have their own parking and if not at the very least a temporary parking bay so that you can unload any luggage and the staff will then direct you to the nearest parking.

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Nightlife in Ronda – Irish Bar Heaven

Heaven is a listed and registered “official” Irish bar and as such serves original Guiness! :)

Children can enter this bar as can be seen below in the photo of my son. Alcohol free drinks are of course available…. But it gets louder as the night goes on so we are normally out and on the way home by 10pm. (If we have the kids in tow. :)

Irish bar Heaven in Ronda
Irish bar Heaven in Ronda

An Irish bar in the middle of the romantic and ancient city of Ronda might not seem to be, in theory, a good combination. But every where needs some nightlife yes? And, remember that a Guinness after dinner is good for the digestion!.

The bar has a very good atmosphere and excellent staff attention ie you don’t have to wait long at the bar to get a drink. Opening at 3pm its a relaxing place to while away an afternoon and as the evening progresses into late night (open to 4am some nights!) Heaven takes on a disco club atmosphere with good music being played from all genres and very often live bands some weekends. (See their facebook page for upcoming events.) The place gets busy but you can normally find a corner to people watch and enjoy a late night drink in a party atmosphere.

Credit cards accepted:

Heaven takes credit and debit cards at the bar with no need for pin if the cost is under 20 euros. Just swipe your card across the machine and the transaction is completed. A bit of self control needed there as after you have used up your allocated cash for the night it’s very tempting to get caught up in the vibe and whip out the card for a couple more rounds! (Personal experience!)

  • Now, I have been reading quite a few negative comments online about this place and quite frankly I don’t agree with any of them. Firstly the prices of drinks, I think, are reasonable and in line with other places of a similar nature.
  • I have been many times to Heaven and never seen any real trouble between people either inside or on the street outside. Of course every nightclub has it’s issues with drunks and sometimes even violence but overall I see this place as one of the safest to go to for a night out in Ronda.
  • Lastly, many negative comments are about the state of the toilets… Yes, they can get a bit smelly as the night goes on but I accept that many nightclubs don’t have a 15 minute cleaning routine! Lets’s keep things in perspective no? The toilets are quite adecuate and really are not as bad as some commentators state!

Keep up to date with upcoming live events on their page at Facebook:

Address: Calle Virgen de los Remedios, 2, 29400 Ronda, Málaga (Close to the Plaza Soccorro, where the statue of Hercules and the lions is)


  • Saturday – 3PM–4AM
  • Sunday – 3PM–2AM
  • Monday CLOSED
  • Tuesday – 7PM–2AM
  • Wednesday – 3:30PM–3AM
  • Thursday – 3PM–2AM
  • Friday – 3PM–4AM

Other bars close by:

Across the road from Heaven there are a couple of other bars with pretty good atmospheres.  Volapié has regular live flamenco and other bands which are sometimes incredibly spontaneous with member s of the “general” public getting up to the mike.

And, right next door is Drinks and Co with a great vibe and music to match.

All in all the area around Plaza Socorro with it’s bars and restaurants is a great place to enjoy a night out….

Where to see Flamenco in Ronda

Flamenco music has it’s origins in ancient Andalucian history, possibly well before the Moorish settlements, and is believed by many experts to be a complex amalgam of Iberian, Arabic, Shepherdic, and Gitano musical styles that really matured after the reconquest of 1492, and then over the next few centuries. Over the last millenium Flamenco has spread to the rest of Spain and the former Spanish colonies in Central and South America.

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Pileta Paleolithic Cave Paintings at Benaojan

A few kilometres from Ronda, just outside the white village of Benaojan lies one of the most spectacular cave systems in Spain, and in the mouth of one, several galleries of cave paintings that are as old as 30,000 years, and were created by paleolithic people of Ronda before the last great ice age. Best of all, the caves are open to the public with a local tour guide to explain the significance of the artwork.

Book a hotel in Benaojan

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Paper White Narcissus (Narcissus papyraceus)

In the winter months around the Serrania, you really won’t need to go very far to see more Paper White Narcissus than you could ever dream of.

Around Ronda and the Pueblos Blancos – the white villages – you won’t even need to get off the beaten track. This  scented flower blooms in December through to February while the weather is cool, and if March and April are wet and cold they may stay in flower. Continue reading Paper White Narcissus (Narcissus papyraceus)

Ronda Todays Top 5 Places To Eat. Best Tapas bars and Restaurants in Ronda.

With literally hundreds of tapas bars, restaurants and bakeries there is a lot too choose from when it comes to tasting and enjoying the local cuisine of Ronda. But, and this is a big but, some places stand out well above the rest when it comes to fine dining and high quality tapas in the white town of Ronda. Here is Ronda Todays favorite places to eat (in no particular order.) You should try to get a table at some of these places at least once during your stay! Continue reading Ronda Todays Top 5 Places To Eat. Best Tapas bars and Restaurants in Ronda.

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